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Regarding Skyttes 1.7.8-1

This is the last 1.x version. Starting with new release, they will be 2.x versions.

Why 2.x?

First of all, with the new version I'd like to mark a new era of Skyttes.
Skyttes will become a public open source project.

That's not all. The next release - 2.0, will be an complete recode.

Recode? And what about backwards compatibility?

There will most likely be some BC breaks. Versions lower than / or 1.4 will not be able to upgrade.
I do NOT intend to change the templating system, we will still keep Latte as our template system.
Few times I have been asked to use Twig, BladePHP or other templating systems:
I will not prefer these templating systems that do NOT offer something really extraordinary (which is not the case in Twig or Blade).

Next, I do not intend to change framework.
Nette Framework has been in Skyttes since 1.5 and provided Skyttes with stable, reliable, secure core.
I do, however, intend to remove some Nette packages - in favor of our own or better solutions.